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Just Enough Time to Work on a Paper

A friend of mine helped me out of a jam. We are both in the same history class and had to write a 15 page paper on World War II. Between my studies and my part time job, I barely had enough time to work on the paper, and it had gotten to the point when there were only two days before it was due. I was in real trouble, because two days was not enough time to write the paper. My friend volunteered to let me use his paper as a base and run it through a sentence rewriter.

I was a little worried about my friend’s idea, because if the professor of our class figured out that my friend lent me his paper, he would probably give both of us a bad grade. My friend suggested that once I run his paper through the rewriter, all I have to do is go over it and change some details from each page to prevent it from being an exact copy. My friend also gave me a list of the sources he used for information, along with ones that didn’t get used for the paper, so I could create a proper bibliography to go along with it.

Thanks to my friend, the amount of work that I had to do on the paper was reduced greatly, leaving me with just enough time to make changes to the rewritten content and add in the right references. My professor was pleased with the paper and gave both my friend and me high marks on it. Although things turned out well this time thanks to my friend and the rewriter, it was a little too close for comfort. I’ll have to find some way to manage my time a little better so I don’t find myself in another panic inducing situation.