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Top 5 European Countries To Visit If You Have A Sweet Tooth

There are many reasons why people go travelling, whether it be for the culture, the history, the landmarks, or the weather. But if we are all being truthful, one of the best things about travelling is trying all of the amazing delicacies from around the world, sweet or savoury, it’s up to you. In this article, we will go through some of the best countries for their desserts and bakery products.


Course France is at the top, why wouldn’t it be? The country is well known for its abundance of desserts and bakes that they offer. The hard part is highlighting the best delicacies which are everyone’s favourites. Just to name a few products would be the likes of Creme Brule, Chocolate Eclairs, Crepes, Mousse, French Patisserie and much more. If you are determined to go on a trip for food, then France is the place to go. A word of warning though, once you have had a genuine french dessert, you will taste the difference, and the ones you get from your hometown will never match up so just be aware.


You go anywhere in Italy and you will be sure to find some local delicious cuisine. The food-obsessed country is a must on anyone’s food bucket list. Whilst exclusively known for pasta, pizza and coffee, they are also connoisseurs in creating masterpiece desserts. Italy is obviously the home to the Tiramisu, Panettone and Panna Cotta but it also has some amazing desserts which you probably haven’t heard of such as the Zeppole, Crostata and Cannoli which all need to be tried when visiting this amazing part of the world.


Germany, well what can we say about Germany? As well as indulging in Bratwursts and Sauerkraut and drinking as much beer as you can, there are so many amazing delicacies that stand out from the crowd when we’re talking about their delicious sweet treats. Some of their most famous sweet treats include marble cake, Berliner (which is basically a jam doughnut), Their amazing Apple Strudel and Schnecken as well as the weird and wonderful kaiserschmarrn which will be loved by those who enjoy a pancake or two.


Belgium is a beautiful part of the world, full of stunning buildings and rich culture. It may not be the first place in mind for where people go if you are a foodie but their desserts are out of this world! This is definitely a place to come in the winter where you can wrap up warm and see all of the beautiful sights. Belgium is well known for their sweet treats such as their delicious Belgian chocolates and of course their waffles, golden and crispy waffles covered in a rich, sweet syrup. There really isn’t a waffle like it, no matter where you go.


Greece is a great part of the world with its fascinating history and home to the famous gyros, who knew chips on a kebab would be the best thing ever? Well, apart from the sun and its savoury food, they make pretty good sweet desserts too! Of course, rice pudding isn’t on everyone’s list of delicious sweet treats and is another controversial dessert. It’s not like the stuff you were given in school, this is done to perfection. Another delicious treat to be had in Greece is, of course, Baklava. Sweet pastry with a filling, what else do you need. Absolutely delicious!

Yes, it’s true, Europe does have the best places in the world for its desserts but to be honest, with the number of exceptional chefs throughout the main areas, it is easy to see why they have some of the most amazing desserts in the world. If you are going on your travels through Europe, then I fully recommend going to these places, you won’t be disappointed with the food but also the rich culture that you will be surrounding yourself with too.