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A Test of My Italian Skills

For my Italian language class, I was given the assignment of writing a paper about an average day in my life. The paper had to be exactly one page long and have perfect spelling and grammar. This is a beginner class, but our teacher felt that months of class time has left us with enough skill to write a full paper in Italian on our own. In order to make sure that my paper was written correctly, I had to use an Itallian grammar check website to examine my text.

Even though the topic of the paper was simple, I was drawing a blank on how to write it. I thought about all of the words I knew in Italian and all the ways I knew to write sentences, and I couldn’t come up with anything. I was over thinking the whole thing. I took a step back and decided to just write the whole paper in English, and then translate it into Italian, sentence by sentence. This was much easier to do because I could gather my thoughts more easily. Once everything was translated, I ran the paper through the grammar checker and everything was perfectly written without any errors.

My Italian teacher was very pleased with the paper that I submitted. She was even surprised to see that I was able to fit a couple of new words into it. Overall, the class did a great job on writing the papers, so our teacher decided to give us a treat. She ordered pizza for us from a local Italian restaurant and we were able to eat it after class. She told us the name of the restaurant and mentioned that if we called them and ordered something while speaking Italian, they would give us a discount on the order.