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Format for Writing an Effective Essay

The topic of essays is one that always rears its head when the end of each school term approaches and students scramble to get their required thesis completed by the deadline. Every paper starts with “inleiding schrijven” as the dutch say, or the introduction in English. A good introduction which is clear and to the point statement as to what the essay is going to be about. Generally a good introduction contains a brief description of the subject matter of the paper as well as a statement of why the research is important. Factors which describe or are related to the motivation of the thesis are also a good component to include in the introduction section of the paper. Background information related to the subject is also an item which is worthy of inclusion in a complete thesis introductory section as it may hopefully pique the interest of the reader to continue reading deeper into the paper. And closing the introduction it is good form to give a synopsis of the points to be covered in the report.

Once the subject matter of the thesis has been either assigned or chosen for the writer, time should be taken to formulate the information needed to cover each step of the introduction section for the paper in a seamless and logical progression. The introduction will set the tone for the whole paper and should intensify the interest of the reader to make the reader want to continue reading the thesis to the salient points of the body of the paper and ultimately to the conclusions of the paper.

There are of course many “sources” on the internet which offer help and assistance in writing the essay-some to the point of actually writing the essay from introduction to conclusions. For a fee these companies will give the student a completed paper, and while these services are legal as far as the law is concerned-there are certainly ethical considerations that the student needs to consider including plagiarism concerns.