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Getting Outside Help Has Helped Put Me into a Sales Position That I Love

In my work life, I was unhappy career-wise for far too many years. I felt that I need more excitement, and I also wanted the ability to interact with other people more often. For those reasons, I signed up for sales training earlier this year. I wanted to learn skills that would help me with what I had been longing to have in my daily work life for so long. The years spin by fast when you’re not actively chasing your dreams, and I knew I needed to do something quickly before more time passed by.

I started out with an accounting degree 15 years ago, and I really liked the money it helped me to earn every month. However, at some point, I realized that the only excitement that I had at work as a CPA occurred during tax season every year. The rest of the year, I met with customers in person at times, but most of the continuing interaction with those same customers occurred over the phone or by email. I wanted more than that.

I felt energized by the sales courses that I took. At the end of the courses, I knew I was on the right track. I now work with a company as a salesperson, and I have the chance to meet with people all throughout the day, every day, without fail. I have always been curious about people, love interacting with them and gain so much energy by being around them. So, getting into sales really fits my natural abilities, and I just needed some training courses to help me move to a job that fits me. I also enjoy that the work is not the same every day. People have different personalities, so meeting new, prospective clients every day when they come to me to purchase my services is always exciting.