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Going Against the Impossible Assignment

My history professor has turned into a madman. He gave us an assignment to write a paper, and only gave us two days to do it. I’m not sure if he realizes that his students have other classes, but we can’t realistically do what the wants. The only way I was able to finish his assignment was because I used the help of a sentence rewriter. Using the rewriter, I was able to take existing information that I found from various sources and rewrite them into unique sentences without having to type them myself.

A friend of mine who is also in the class tried to type out her paper the old fashioned way, and it really took a toll on her. She had a lot of work to do for her other classes, and in order to finish the paper, she had to stay up for hours. She got a lot of coffee from the store to keep her awake, and when I saw her in the morning, it looked like she was about to go crazy. That was the worst I’ve ever seen her, and I could tell just by looking at her that she wanted to strangle the professor.

On the day that we had to hand in our papers to the professor, the professor told us that since we all worked so hard on the papers, he was going to give everyone an A+ on the assignment, regardless of how good of a job we did on the papers. He wasn’t even going to read the papers or provide any feedback on them. While I am glad that we all got a great grade on the paper, I was not pleased that our professor put so much stress on us. It took a lot of restraint to keep my friend from snapping.