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Which countries guarantee us good furniture quality?

Countries sustain themselves by producing goods that they can consume internally as well as some for export to other countries. Export helps a country with foreign exchange and an income source to drive development. One of the products that are produced in most countries across the world is furniture. However, not every country is self-sufficient in furniture implying that they produce less than they need. Hence, the need to import from other countries that produce excess or export furniture. If you are looking to buy locally made or imported furniture, you should read reviews about home furniture on to know the right companies to patronize as well as the right types of furniture to buy.

Even in countries that produce excess or export furniture, importation of furniture is sometimes carried out as well. This is often in line with diplomatic and business ties with other countries that allow them to exchange goods and services. Furthermore, such imports give the citizens and residents of a country choice. Imported furniture can sometimes be cheaper, made from a particular type of wood that appeals to a prospective customer or have a design that is native to the country the furniture is being imported from. This article will discuss some of the countries that guarantee us good furniture quality.


China is a world leader in the manufacture of furniture because they produce quality furniture of various types and sell them at affordable prices. Because we love to change the look of our home regularly and designs quickly go out of fashion, people decorate their homes with the hope of changing them within a short while. The implication is that most people will prefer to buy 500 USD furniture that they can use for the next one or two years even if the two years is the life span of the furniture as opposed to a 2000 USD furniture they can use for the next 20 years.

Even though the latter would have been more cost-effective for 100 USD per year, the former for 250 USD per year allows staying trendy and have a home with modern looks. The huge population of China provides cheap manpower for creating a huge quantity of furniture at very cheap rates since the price for labor is cheaper than most other countries in the developed world.

China also supplies raw and semi-processed materials for making furniture to other countries. The implication is that such furniture is only assembled in the destination country. The company then certifies the furniture as made in the destination country. The company that orders such semi-processed raw materials can manufacture the chair at a cheaper price.


Indonesia is another country where several teak and rattan products are made. The furniture from Indonesia features great finish quality, exquisite design, and beautiful solid high-end wood sets. The country also produces outdoor garden furniture of beautiful quality that is affordable.


The furniture produced in Malaysia range from high-end outdoor patio sets to cheap bedroom furniture. There are wide varieties of factories in Malaysia that are dedicated to making stylish and quality designs for furniture that is subsequently exported to other countries.


The Philippines is another furniture industry trendsetter. Several types of furniture including outdoor furniture as well as furniture sets made from metal, resin, stone, rattan, and wood are produced in this country. The materials are also sometimes combined to make beautiful and sophisticated furniture.